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We are Preparing our November Edition Now

October and it’s Ch-ch-ch changes

‘I never thought I’d need so many people.’ ‘Time to turn and face the strain’… Prescient lyrics from David Bowie, see the news inside about the exciting photography exhibition to open the Brighton Pavilion and Museum galleries after lockdown.

The history article this month is by Marion Bance: a fascinating piece about a royal wedding in Brighton and the life of a stoical African Princess. Reading it made me wonder if this couple should have been Duke & Duchess of Sussex?

Meanwhile, this virus seems to be playing a long game. It is exasperating, even infuriating - but in the absence of options: ‘Let’s dance to the music that’s playing’. Dr Sima Patel has so kindly written about developing our resilience & helps us do that.

We can be heroes.

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